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Why Cheyenne?

Our community is incredible. Hear from the Cheyenne community and learn why they love Cheyenne!

Why move to Cheyenne? Cheyenne, Wyoming is the Capitol of the State and the residents of the community make it a great place to live.

RE/MAX Capitol Properties is comprised of agents who come from all over. Some were born and raised in the area and others came to Cheyenne and fell in love with the city and people. The “Why Cheyenne?” videos were inspired by our passion: our community. The individuals featured in the videos are all an inspiration and do so much to make our home special. Additionally, these videos serve as a way for us to help newcomers to get to know the City of Cheyenne. It is our way of rolling out the red carpet and saying, “Welcome” to all visitors and potential residents. We want great, talented, fun, inspiring, joyful, adventurous and exciting population in Cheyenne and what better way than to celebrate the ones who already live in our community.

“Why Cheyenne?” Because Cheyenne is simply the best!

Get to know the people of Cheyenne, Wyoming by watching the playlist of “Why Cheyenne?” videos below.