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Rural Living, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Rural Living

Spacious opportunities and room to roam in rural developments within Laramie County.


Most homes in rural developments within Laramie County span 1 acre to 20+ acres. Average number of acres is 5 for many of the homes that are both North and East Cheyenne according to the County Planning.


  • Space for your property
  • More building freedoms
  • Opportunities for livestock and animals


  • Enjoys City of Cheyenne Restaurants, Shopping & Attractions
  • Quick access to typically to I25 to I80
  • Nature


A large volume of residents are looking to live in rural developments. They are demanded in the market because of the space they provide. Unique to Wyoming and Laramie County is low property taxes. This helps to make living in a rural area more affordable that in other States and communities.