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When you travel, sometimes don’t you notice how small the world is….

Out of hundreds of vehicles in a far away State, I parked next to someone from Cheyenne! It is funny how that happens. Then the cherry on top is if you have the opportunity to speak with the person you find out that you know each other, or their best friend or cousin really really well! Not like the, “I know of them” but that actually, they are my best friend, I know everything about them kind of know them. To some, this can be hard to believe because Cheyenne, isn’t that small of a community. In fact, Laramie County alone accounts for 1/5 of the State’s population. That is a large number of individuals. This actually is what makes our community unique, fun and welcoming. We want to feel connected to our home and share our Wyoming pride.

When visiting with individuals about the area, that is exactly what they say. Cheyenne and Wyoming residents are so “Welcoming.” Now that is something to be known for. We are so happy to be a part of a community that has this culture. Additionally, this welcoming culture expands beyond our borders too. The Wyoming network is all around the world, it is global. When you are in a far far away area, believe me – there is some one near by that is ready to share your Wyoming love.

Contact us when you are ready to expand your roots into the Wyoming culture and be a part of what makes Cheyenne great.



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