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Why Work Through Your Buyer Agent

When purchasing a home, you will want to work with a professional real estate agent that represents you.

We have access to great information at our fingertips in today’s world. You may find homes for sale you are interested in purchasing and would like to take a look at it. The best practice is to call your real estate agent and let them know about your interest. Reaching out to the selling agent directly isn’t something you will want to do for a variety of reasons:

  1. The real estate agent you hired is a trusted professional who will provide you with insights on listings in line with your needs and budget. They may know information about this property and have vetted it already. By reaching out to your agent, you can find this information and determine if looking at it is worthwhile or not.
  2. Like you as a buyer, the sellers want to find the right fit, and therefore agents are expected to only work with qualified buyers who can present a fair offer. By working with your agent, you can make sure you are being deemed a credible buyer.
  3. By reaching out to a selling agent directly, you put agents at risk of violating their code of ethics. While they are to know how to conduct themselves, you will want to work with your agent to make sure there are no opportunities for missteps.

We want our homebuyers to trust us and one big ACT of trust is making sure to work through us, as your agents and representation. If there is any reason you feel concerned or uncomfortable, please reach out to our agency’s Managing Broker, Steve Prescott. There are a number of ways we can help you and your agent to get on a path to success. We strive for the highest level of service and communication, so any feedback, insights, and input are welcomed.

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