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Why supporting local art is more important now than ever


2020 has been a crazy year!

From restrictions, to limited seating events, to cancellations and online only events, many in our communities have asked “why support the arts? Things will be there later.” Now more than ever though, I encourage our community to support local art and artists. Here are a couple reasons why!

  • Supporting local art helps boost our local economy!

When you support a local artists, you are helping that artist make a living. $50 to Target for a printed wall hanging doesn’t mean much, but $50 to a local artist can make or break their business.

  • Supporting local art creates more opportunity for local art!

As many local artists know, when we create one opportunity for each other, we create many! With so many production companies using online formats to help ease the burden with restrictions, more spaces in our community have opened their doors or outdoor spaces and allowed for companies to rehearse and film productions that otherwise might not have the space to do so. It also creates more platforms for artists to share their work, with Zoom and YouTube changing some of their guidelines this year to help ease burdens not only on families, but artists as well.

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  • Supporting local art might support a friend

How many of us know artists in our community? Even if you think you don’t, you might be surprised by your friends hobbies or passions! Supporting art doesn’t just include paintings or sculptures, but can include dance shows, concerts, theatrical productions, movies, music, books, poems, leatherworking, custom clothing, and so much more!

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Photo from Aly L Custom Leather Designs

Local artists create so many cool things within our community, and what better time of year to help support them? Buy an item, a gift certificate, share their pages or posts, tag your friends in posts they would like, or just send them a message of support. Helping local artists helps everyone!

This blog was written by Adri True of the True Team at RE/MAX Capitol Properties. Adri is Cheyenne native who is passionate about real estate, her community, and helping others. Adri is a graduate of both Laramie County Community College and the University of Wyoming and is a true Wyomingite through and through. Her passion for improving her community and the lives of people within that community that manifests itself through home sales, community services, and volunteering. Call Adri to get started buying or selling today!

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