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Why Invest in East Cheyenne

Cheyenne is growing in two prominent directions, South, and East. 

Much of this is due to the military’s large footprint West of I25. As a result, there has been a tremendous demand for neighborhoods like Saddle Ridge and Whitney Ranch. These developments have a host of 1.5 and 2-story homes available for families. 

When going east, there is also more commercial opportunities. For a long while in Cheyenne, businesses resided in downtown Cheyenne and primarily on Lincolnway and Dell Range. But, companies are following with more residents moving east and south of Cheyenne. Sweet Grass Development off of College will have a commercial section, and the same goes for the Saddle Ridge area. This has begun with some storage locations, gas stations, even a school. There are more to come, especially with the continued construction of the Christiansen Overpass. Pershing and College Avenue overall have a significant amount of growth occurring, and this is because of the growing population moving and commuting in East Cheyenne.

Also, as the missile upgrades occur, more traffic will go east due to man camps established near the Colorado and Nebraska borders. We recommend being mindful of your real estate investments and considering this in your investment opportunities. Whether you decide to invest in a home to live in, rent, or even a commercial property, there are great opportunities when buying property East.


  • Located off Highway 30 and Whitney Road
  • Saddle Ridge Elementary School
  • New City Park


  • Lincolnway Shopping & Restaurants
  • Dell Range Restaurants, Shopping & Attractions
  • Quick access to I/80
  • The Greenway

If you want to invest in real estate in Laramie County and Cheyenne, we recommend looking into East Cheyenne. We recommend this if you want to be in an area that will see more growth in the coming decade. More amenities are spurring up in the area, which helps make it an even more attractive location to live and work.

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