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Why Cheyenne, you make us LOVE what we do!

Thankful at RE/MAX Capitol Properties

Recently, while on a trip, I had the joy of experiencing a staple of big city life: traffic. We sat, stuck in traffic, for most of the day, and didn’t get anything accomplished that we set out to do. The commute was so long, and the road so crowded, I turned to my friend who was with me and said, “If I ever complain about the wind, tell me, well, you could be stuck in traffic!” I’ll take the wind in our area any day! When family visits from bigger cities, and we have a scheduled event to attend, they always ask what time we need to leave, and when I answer, they are shocked. It takes at least 30 minutes to get anywhere in a larger city. I guess it’s whatever you get used to within your day-to-day life. I love that I don’t have to plan for an additional hour or more for each appointment, lunch date, shopping trip, and outing. So this experience got me thinking, why do I love Cheyenne and Wyoming in general? Here are a few of my reasons:

  1. The people. They smile and know your name. There is a general sense of community even with our diversity. FE Warren AFB brings people in from all over the world, and Microsoft Data Center adds residents with a unique skill set. Cheyenne being the Capital of Wyoming, we get various visitors; Cheyenne Frontier Days brings in people from all over. We are known for incredible tourism centered around the history of the Union Pacific Railroad all year round. And there are those of us whose roots run several generations deep in Wyoming. When we have a tragedy or need within our community, the outpouring of love and financial support is staggering. The people make our community a fantastic place to live.
  2. Western traditions and opportunities. We still care about our neighbors and treat them with respect. We say “please” and “thank you” and look a person in the eye. There are business opportunities in abundance. Overall, a level of hospitality and generosity exists nowhere, like in Cheyenne, Laramie County, and Wyoming. We are a one-of-a-kind community. Our foundation is based on kindness and having to be welcoming to so many folks over the years since our economy is centered around many individuals and families coming here because of anchor employment. Often they love it so much, they stay. Or, if they have to go because of the military or some other reason, they frequently find themselves back here. 
  3. Lower population and open space. I tend to get a little claustrophobic in large cities after a few days. The volume of people you interact with can be overwhelming, sometimes without even exchanging a single word. In Wyoming, we believe in our open spaces. We believe in going to nature’s oases. It is what makes us love our community even more because we can appreciate the land. God’s country.

I’m sure you each have your reasons for loving our area! We started the Why Cheyenne video series seven years ago, allowing anyone to share why they personally love Cheyenne. We started this project to offer people being relocated to our area a place to hear from real people why they love it here. Head over to our YouTube channel to listen to what others say! If you’d like to participate in our Why Cheyenne series, please give me a call at 307-635-0303, and we can set up a time to record your why!

You make us LOVE what we do! Thank you for your continued support of our agents and our brokerage when it is time for you to make a move. We are SOLD on our community, and that includes you! We wish you a happy and blessed New Year from all of us at RE/MAX Capitol Properties!

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