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Who wants to be a Millionaire?


When this question was first asked via a popular game show it sounded like something which was too good to be true. Now most millennials think they will become one in their lifetime.

In today’s society this isn’t that far off base. One in every 20 Americans is in fact a millionaire. With CEOs of big tech companies generating large interest with IPOs, 4% have already reached this financial status.

While locations like Washington D.C. pay this age of employees around $70k a year, the cost of living is extremely high. A home price is about $500k. Wyoming is seen as a prime location for this age group to stretch their dollars earned. The cost of living is favorable to all citizens, and if these individuals also take advantage of putting 6% of their annual salary into a 401k, while using their company matches, they are then more likely to become a millionaire in their lifetime.

In short, move to Wyoming! It is just that simple.




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