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Who to hire as your real estate agent

Who to hire as your real estate agent

An interesting statistic shared with me was that millennials are most likely to hire a real estate agent.

I was surprised by this because they are the generation known for being technologically advanced, aka tech savvy. Therefore, a part of me thought they’d be the ones to cut corners using the real estate disruption services. However, they are not. That said, I interviewed a few millennials with this Q&A and asked them “Who to hire” as your agent. 

Question #1 – How do you begin the real estate search?

  • I loved an SNL skit that alluded to “talking dirty” to someone on the phone, but they were talking about available properties. It resonated because I have several apps on my phone to track the market inventory; Zillow, RE/MAX, and

Question #2 – Why hire a real estate agent?

While a significant amount of information is available at our fingertips, it can be overwhelming. By having a real estate agent help me with home hunting, I know someone can maintain a watchful eye on the inventory and help me navigate the market. I also know they have a wealth of information and a network to support me.

Question #3 – What qualities do you look for in a real estate professional?

  • I want someone who is going, to be honest with me. I don’t want someone to agree with what I think or want but help set me up for realistic expectations. When my agent does this, I feel more confident in my choices and don’t have remorse after a home purchase. It comes down to them having excellent communication skills. Otherwise, I may as well use technology to get the work done.

Question #4 – Who do you select as your agent?

  • The “who” comes down to someone who is a superb communicator and someone who will provide me with excellent service and care. I want someone who will keep me in mind because they took the time to understand my needs and timeline and know that when something comes on the market that would be a good fit, they reach out! I want my agent to be proactive. Or, if they know I am planning to sell, they advise me on when and how best to approach selling. I have had agents go above and beyond by connecting me to resources, providing introductions to lenders, etc. This next step is essential when selecting who I conduct business with.

Question #5 – Why did you pick a RE/MAX Capitol Properties Agent?

  • I love working with RE/MAX Agents because they abide by a strong philosophy and value system. This resonates with me, and I have seen it in their work. RE/MAX Capitol Properties was where I found solid support. I have worked with several agents at this agency, and they have all been fantastic. What I like most is that they roll up their sleeves and get to work! 

A special thank you to our millennials for taking the time to answer our questions. If you too are interested in learning more about our philosophy and values, you can check them out here – RE/MAX values and philosophy – Remax

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