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Who makes your house a home?

To enter into this fall season, we wanted to focus on an essential element of home buying – making your house a home!

It isn’t what makes a house a home, but who! When you are buying or selling a home, you will have a variety of emotions emerge. One will center your decisions around the ones you love. Ultimately, the “who” is what makes a house a home. Who will you share special moments within your home? How will that look in this house vs. another place? 

Work with your real estate agent to make these goals a reality. 

Then it is up to you to follow through! You spend so much time at home, and you want to make sure you are buying a home that fits the lifestyle you hope to achieve. Do you need a larger home, so there are enough rooms for a growing family? Or, do you want to be able to host friends and family, or better yet, entertain? The answers to these questions will help you curate these special moments that you will hold dear when you reflect on your home. If you inform your real estate agent of these goals, they will help make that a reality with your home purchase. 

Our biggest takeaway is to remember that it isn’t a “what” makes a house a home, but the “who.” Who do you want to be when you are home? Who will be in your home, who do you want to accommodate and entertain? You want to consider all of these, and when you do your next home will come together. Plus, you will find a home that is authentically you.

At RE/MAX Capitol Properties, our agents have a second home with our agency. We strive to provide our agents with a family of support to serve their clients. Once you are part of the RE/MAX family, whether an agent or client, we are here for you! We want our people to feel welcomed, cared for, and most importantly, cherished. Our people make our agency our home!

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