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Which qualities should you look for in an agent?

Which qualities should you look for in an agent?

It is more than just looking for years of expertise or simply if you like a person to hire as your real estate agent.

A real estate transaction is one of the most significant purchases made. Therefore, it takes identifying a real estate agent who can be a trusted advisor. To select agents for RE/MAX Capitol Properties, we seek these qualities because we understand the immense importance of handling the various activities required to get to a closing table.

We recommend finding an agent with the following qualities and conducting interviews with prospective agents to determine if they are a good fit.

  1. Market knowledge. It is essential to understand the market currently and what to anticipate. While we hear various facts and information, the agent you select must sort through them to provide the most applicable information to help you with your real estate transaction.
  2. Great communicator. Have you ever hired someone or worked with someone? While knowledgeable, they could improve at keeping people informed. Now, apply the feeling of frustration and angst that was evoked to your real estate activities and journey. We recommend finding someone you feel comfortable with but also who you understand, and they know you because the communication is clear.
  3. Network of expertise. If you meet an agent who proclaims they “know it all,” you could think it is too good to be true from our experience. That is a gut feeling to follow. There is no way you can find an agent who has “been there and done that” because every transaction is different. We have found that agents who focus on building a knowledgeable support network thrive when helping their clients navigate the unknowns. We recommend asking who the “go-to” resources for your prospective agent are. If they don’t name fellow agents, lenders, engineers, appraisers, or inspectors, you may want to reconsider their choices.

We hope this helps you assess who can serve you regarding your real estate needs. In addition, we hope you understand that by having this selection criterion, our agents have these qualities. Our agents are committed to the community in which they live, work, and play. They are generous with their time, talents, and treasure. They are at our agency if they are the best of the best when serving clients. RE/MAX agents were recently voted the #1 trusted real estate agents by BrandSpark again.

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