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Which lender to work with

Which lender to work with

Real estate agents can help you find the right home on the market and navigate the transaction process.

By working with a real estate professional at RE/MAX Capitol Properties, you can access networks spanning financial advisors, builders, contractors, inspectors, and more. They can help connect you with professionals who can assist you through the process, and lending is a large part of this process. For a real estate professional to know how best to support and guide you, they need to know what you can qualify for when it comes to home purchasing pricing. By consulting a lender, you can determine this by performing what they call a “pre-qualification.”

When seeking a lender, we recommend looking for the following characteristics:

1) Sharing Knowledge: You need a lender willing to share their knowledge and walk you through the details. They will sit down with you and answer your questions, but they will also check to ensure you know what they are talking about and verify that you are on the same page. Half of the battle, most of the time, is not knowing what questions to ask; a suitable lender will help you identify these too.

2) Honest: When you can find a lender who will tell you the truth and be willing to have a candid conversation to help you achieve the best real estate goals, you have struck gold! A lender will help inform you about your financial position and allow you to set realistic goals. What they determine will set the tone for your whole real estate journey.

3) Creative Problem Solver: Each person comes with a financial puzzle. You will undoubtedly succeed if a lender can look at your needs and marry them with market options and support to help solve challenges.

To know whether or not the lender you are going with has these qualities, sit down and interview them. Have a conversation and assess the questions they ask you, the information they share, and the resources they offer. We recommend consulting more than one too.

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