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Which agencies to work with

Which agencies to work with

Often times when we are looking for a real estate professional, we will go with what seems familiar.

RE/MAX is the #1 Brand Globally. But what does that mean? It means that agents are supplied with the best environment. When a RE/MAX agent is set up to be successful they can focus on the clients. The structure of RE/MAX franchises around the globe is an innovation that changed how real estate operated. Before, agents were not deemed “independent contractors” but worked for the agency. If you have yet to read a book about the founders of RE/MAX, we recommend it! Their story is fascinating and explains why we find the following characteristics necessary when selecting a real estate agency:

1) Agencies that put agents first

  • You would be surprised to know that there are agencies out there that need to put their agents first. They are structured in a way that stifles client support and causes administrative complexities that could slow down transactions or even hinder them. When agencies are focused on their agents’ success, they can spend the time where it matters, on the clients.

2) Leadership who gets it

  • We are unique at RE/MAX Capitol Properties because our managing broker is still in the game and actively selling real estate. He knows how to navigate the here and now. And this helps agents to know they have a leader who understands their trials and knows how best to navigate a transaction to a closing table.

3) Vast network

  • If you ever sit down and count the number of steps in a real estate transaction, you will quickly lose count because they are that complex. However, by working with a real estate agent who has an established network, you will always be with others. All of their clients can have the support they need to be connected to the correct information at the right time.

While these are characteristics, we recommend you consider whether you are a real estate professional looking for support or a client wanting to ensure your real estate agent has the right foundation; these are worth assessing. Please get in touch with us if you would like to visit and learn more about our agency! We’d love to talk with you and share more about how we approach business.

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