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When to build a home

When to build your home or property

We have come across an array of clients who have a dream of building their own.

We love that our clients can have great visions and goals in real estate and want to help them achieve them. However, when to build their home is a question that can sometimes be challenging to address. However, we have an answer for you.

Building a home takes time, patience, and financial means. We recommend determining your expected timeline before selecting a builder so you can assess their experience during the selection process. While there are a variety of builders to choose from, time is money. Finding a builder exceptional at staying on time and on budget is rare. We recommend finding builders who have demonstrated this capability and then getting on their schedule. This will help you to determine your timeline and not be surprised by unexpected delays or issues that could have been prevented with the right experience.

There are many layers to building, and there is no perfect builder. The likelihood of delays or challenges will always exist, but we have found that our clients are most happy when they can find a build well-suited to critical and strategic thinking to keep progressing at a pace that will meet timelines.

Fundamentally, that is what will cause the highest amount of dissatisfaction for clients building homes. It is not having a clear plan of when they will have a finished home for occupancy. If you can picture the spiral it would cause; what if you don’t have a place to live during the delays, what if the delays cause added expenses with subcontractors, what if your budget only covers a faction of what you had hoped for? These are all factors you can mitigate if you hire a builder that has the skills.

We are proud to represent highly professional and skilled builders in Southeast Wyoming. They all have portfolios we are proud of as real estate professionals and can trust. We would not put the RE/MAX Capitol Properties brand behind their work if they didn’t. If you are interested in visiting with them and understanding their expertise and product, we would be more than happy to connect you and schedule a time to discuss your home building goals.

Adri True, RE/MAX Capitol Properties agent, had a great time sharing her advice on the subject of building a new home vs buying an existing home, especially since she is currently in the process of updating her home! There are several reasons to choose the new construction option in today’s real estate market and several reasons to choose existing. Listen to Adri’s video and then give her a call at 307-635-0303 if you’d like to visit more about your home buying and selling options in Cheyenne and southeast Wyoming.

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