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When All Else Fails

When all else fails, read the instructions!

What a great piece of advice, especially when it comes to real estate.

Let me explain.


  1. At RE/MAX Capitol Properties, we provide a comprehensive list of things that will help us market your house. You love your home and I am sure that there may be some bittersweet things about moving away from it.
  2. The list of things we provide is not exhaustive, but it is pretty close to it. However, you would be surprised how many people NEVER read the packet of information.
  3. Sellers, to be the most effective and efficient real estate firm in Cheyenne, it takes a great synergy between you and your agent. There are things that you should expect and demand from us.  When we get to the closing table, we do not want you to feel jaded because of the commissions that are being paid for our work.
  4. Communication is part of the list or the instructions that we give to every single seller and buyer. There is a meme circulating that says, “There are 10 things you need to worry about in order to sell your home.  #1 – Call your agent – We will take care of the other 9 items.”  This is so true.  However, that means we need to communicate through every aspect of the transaction from the day we meet until the day we take the keys from you to give to the new buyer’s agent.


  1. Yes, there is a list for you as well that is helpful for you to know. We have some people who have looked for a home and they have not even been prequalified for a loan.  When this happens, they do not even know what type of home they can look at and they then get very frustrated.
  2. The list of instructions involves knowing what you want, or letting us help guide you. In other words, if we are talking, emailing, or texting, and we ask how many bedrooms or bathrooms or garage spaces you want, the best answer is not like the food critic, Anton Ego, gives to the chef at the end of the Pixar movie Ratatouille when asked what he would like for dinner.  “JUST SURPRISE ME!”  Unfortunately, that does NOT end well in real estate.
  3. When all else fails and you are not getting the service you expect from other agents, there is nothing wrong with calling a different agent, like me! One of the complaints I hear often from buyers is that when they were working with a different agent and could never get a phone call, text, or email returned.
  4. Finally, and of course, this list of instructions is not comprehensive, but one of the things I try and offer to new buyers is an actual list of instructions or manuals on how to operate each doohickey-doo or flim-flam-jammer that is found in the new house. If the sellers have taken the time to provide one, feel free to take time to read it. This final point could save you lots of time and headaches if you know where to look for that one light switch to the outside lamp that sits on the back 40 that only comes on when you flip the switch located in the most inaccessible spot of the garage loft that can only be accessed with a remote control on any day ending in a “y.”  You get the idea.

Helping You Buy or Sell with Great Instructions,

Mark Escalera, MRP – Cheyenne Realtor



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