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What to Do for Winter

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Just in case, you have forgotten to look at the calendar –

It is now December.

We really hate to make all of you feel old, but every high school graduate from here on out will not know what it was like to live before the 21st century.

What does this ultimately mean for you? It means you should find something to do.

We propose a great way to get out of the upcoming winter blues!

Call us to sell your house! YES, houses are sold during the winter. Lots of them, and waiting until spring in Wyoming to sell simply means that you may have to wait until May and the person that would have bought your home for your asking price will have already purchased. They will be enjoying the coming spring time in somebody else’s house. The seller of their new home will have struggled a bit to move during the winter, but they will also be enjoying their new home while you are still wishing that you would have called RE/MAX to find you a buyer.

If you buy gifts for the holidays, what a great way to start out the new year than with a new house. That new house has been waiting for you and your family to come along and make it your new HOME. New pictures on the walls. Waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee in your nice new kitchen. Making new friends in your new neighborhood. Shoveling snow on your new sidewalk. Parking your car in your new garage. Your children climbing their new tree and sleeping in their new bedroom at the end of each day of school or play. Grilling out on your new deck or patio as spring goes into full bloom.

Ah, the joys that come with being in your own place instead of paying out more rent for something that you will never own.

What are you waiting for? Call us. Email us. 2020 is a great time to buy or sell a home.

Have a great December!


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