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What to Consider when Looking for the Right Home

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How will you know when you see the house of your dreams? A common reply is always “I’ll know when I see it!”

However, if you logically analyze your needs ahead of time, you’ll be better equipped to make an educated decision when you have an emotional response to a house that you see. These questions will help you determine and prioritize which characteristics are most important to you in a home. Surely you have heard the common real-estate theory that there are three things to consider when buying a house: “Location, location, location!” But there are other important factors to consider when choosing a home, too. Answering the following questions will remind you how important location is in your decision:


  • Will you be looking in town, semirural, or rural areas?
  • Is the area sparsely populated, medium or high?
  • Do you have a preference with regard to natural features like woods, hills, and lowland?

Surrounding Areas

  • What are the characteristics of the surrounding areas for shopping?
  • Is there a central commercial district?
  • Are there any shopping malls?
  • Are there any supermarket shopping centers?
  • Are there any department stores and drug stores?

Neighborhood Focus

  • What is the general appearance?
  • Are the homes well maintained?
  • What are the main types/styles of homes?
  • Do the homes appear to be “newer” or “older”?
  • How far apart are the houses?
  • How well are the lawns maintained?
  • Are there any visible property enhancements, such as fences, decks, patios, or extensive landscaping?
  • Are vehicles primarily parked in garages and driveways, or are they parked in the street?
  • Are there emergency personnel stations (fire & police) close by?
  • How close is the nearest hospital?
  • What are the local ordinances in regard to pets, parking, lawns, etc.?


  • Are there both public and private schools?
  • Are they equipped to handle special needs if required?
  • Are they equipped to handle special needs if required?
  • How do children primarily get to school?
  • What is the teacher per student ratio?
  • How well do students perform on standardized test scores?
  • Are there after-school activities offered?
  • What type of sports programs and clubs are offered?
  • What is the percentage of children that graduate?
  • What is the percentage of graduating students that go on to college?


  • How will you be commuting to work?
  • How long will your commute be?
  • Do you need to be near public transportation?

Recreation and Entertainment

  • What forms of entertainment are offered?
  • What types of indoor and outdoor sports facilities are available?
  • Are there public parks, country clubs, and/or sports teams close by?

Community Involvement

  • Is it a social area? Do they hold block parties or picnics?
  • Is there a Home Owner’s Association? How active are they in the neighborhood?
  • Is there PTA?
  • Is there a Neighborhood Watch program in place?

Find out the answer to each of these questions, and then determine what items are important to you and which you can live without.

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