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What sets Real Estate Brokerages apart?

Trying to understand what the difference is between brokerages can be difficult. 

There are some significant differences to consider when selecting which brokerage to use for your real estate goals. While we talk through these, we will also share with you our performance in these areas. You can use them in your assessment and you’ll be prepared to shop around to find the right real estate agency representation for you.

Work Hard

  • You want to have a brokerage who will work hard for you. Who will go above and beyond, putting their clients’ needs at the center of their every thought? We call this the #REMAXHUSTLE. 

Reputable Brand

  • Finding a brokerage that has a favorable reputation is essential. If people enjoy doing business with them, then you will too. At RE/MAX Capitol Properties, we are celebrating eight years in business, and in just the last 12 months, we sold 681 transaction sides. To achieve this, we drank 286 cups a coffee a week!

Love their Community

  • While they may be in real estate and sell real estate in their community, they don’t always love their community. This is an important characteristic and one to pay attention to. You want your brokerage to have a vested interest in the area. This helps them to provide you a solid understanding of the culture, the amenities, and so much more.

While we can shout our love for the Cheyenne area from the rooftop, we find it essential to demonstrate it. Our passion for the community is shown in a variety of ways. We produce “Why Cheyenne?” videos where we hear from residents about their love of the area. We can shine a light on so many beautiful aspects of where we live and give folks an understanding of what our community has to offer. We also supported 24 non-profits in 2020, whether volunteering or providing monetary contributions. Our goal is to help make sure tomorrow is better than today.

Ultimately this formula is what makes an extraordinary brokerage. We outperform our competitors because we genuinely care about our people, clients, and community. Our RE/MAX Capitol Properties family is vast, and this support network helps us do our jobs exceptionally well, even achieving an “average days on the market rate” of only 18! We are proud to set a high standard of performance for brokerages, but much of our success is attributed to our agents’ #RE/MAXHustle, which is unique to us and helps us thrive. 

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