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What expertise is needed for a smooth real estate transaction

Expertise in smooth transactions.

We would be lying to you if we said every transaction in real estate is easy.

Real estate is a complex industry. You are blending various activities from real estate to finance to legal and regulatory. Also, every real estate transaction is different because, first, the people involved in each transaction are different; the property being purchased or listed is different, and therefore the environmental rules and regulations vary. It isn’t our intent to overwhelm you but to help put into perspective the importance of hiring a real estate agent to help you navigate the entire transaction to achieve your goals. The expertise that is needed to complete a smooth transaction spans the full scope of real estate activities and includes:

  1. The expertise of a Lender – if you plan to borrow money to purchase your home or even consider buyers who are using “cash,” we recommend consulting with a lender to understand how lending activities may impact your transaction.
  2. The expertise of an Inspector – whether buying or selling, if you can view the property through the eyes of an inspector, you can plan. If you are selling the property, this can help you be proactive by getting repairs and updates accomplished to attract the right buyer. As a buyer, having an inspector’s perspective can help you understand the value proposition you are receiving with your negotiations.
  3. The expertise of a Real Estate Agent – RE/MAX Capitol Properties real estate agents can help you find the #1 properties for you to buy or, as a seller, help you position your listing as one of these properties to receive the best possible deals for consideration. Overall, a real estate agent can help you throughout the whole journey. A transaction can be smooth when you have a knowledgeable, well-versed, supportive agent. They can tap into their networks to connect with you. Their perspective can help prepare you for the next steps, and their ability to understand your needs can expedite the process.

If you can get the expertise of these professionals, you will be well-equipped with the right tools, resources, and information.

Are you interested in learning more about our agents at RE/MAX Capitol Properties?

We recommend setting up a time to connect with our agency’s managing broker and owner, Steve Prescott.

Steve Prescott

Managing Broker and Owner

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