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What decisions need to be made when buying

What decisions need to be made when buying

Buying a home is an important decision. 

As real estate professionals, we want to provide you with the right resources and information to make an informed decision when buying a home. Ultimately, as your agent, we will let you know what inventory is available and keep an eye on the market to pursue listings that align with your real estate goals. This process typically will lead to the development of an offer for when a listing is found you are interested in buying. Before getting to this stage, one of your first decisions is selecting your real estate agent. Then next would be to inform your agent of your real estate goals. Providing your real estate agent with a clear understanding of what you want in a home is essential.  

Which Agent – We recommend interviewing a few agents. If you need help, here is a resource to assist you.

What is Your Budget – Take the time to consult a lender to understand your home-buying budget. We have another resource to help you explore this decision further. 

The Decision of What Kind of Home

You can start this process by listing wants, needs, and what you do not want. If you need help with developing this list, talk to your agent. They can speak with you to gather information and help you. 

Next, reflect on the list you developed and think about any lifestyle needs on the horizon. For example, you may have an elderly parent living with you in the coming years. They may be vital to maneuver easily in your home, and not having stairs may be ideal. Or, you may want closer proximity to the hospital or the VA Medical Center. Your children may be going to grade school soon, and you want to provide them to be in safe walking distance of the school. Take a step back and think about these aspects of a home and update your list accordingly. 

Are there any neighborhoods you would prefer or any characteristics in the neighborhood? For example, some people like to be close to the downtown area or near specific shopping centers. The home’s location may be more important to you than the actual home. If you need help defining what you want in a home, visit your real estate agent. They can connect you to resources and information. Here are a few to get you started. 

What neighborhoods are safe?

What does the City of Cheyenne offer? What does Laramie County offer?

Once you know what type of home you want to purchase, this information can help guide the conversation with your agent to understand what is realistic with the inventory and your budget. This information will conduct your agent’s search and negotiations. 

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