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Welcome Sellers: Market Analysis

Market Analysis RE/MAX Capitol Properties blog

As a seller, you may be selling a home that you have lived in for a while. Market conditions are forever changing.

The market analysis provided by your real estate professional can help you understand the best pricing for your home for the best value. You can even use this information to determine the best ways to improve your house for selling. 

Selling Scenario

  • Many sellers will update their bathrooms and kitchen because many buyers base their decision on these rooms. Often times you will get close to a dollar for dollar increase in your home’s value with kitchen and bathroom upgrades. But, this may not always be the case. If a bid comes in from a contractor higher than the added value for sale, it isn’t a worthwhile investment. Your real estate agent may advise that you don’t update the rooms. You could instead use the upgrade cash to make repairs requested by the buyer or toward buyer closing costs. 

Determining these types of decisions on a case-by-case basis is the best way to approach them. Our goal is to make sure sellers put their money where it matters most to ensure a great real estate transaction experience for everyone. 

Another important place to invest your money as a seller is your real estate agent’s compensation. Some sellers will make the mistake of negotiating a lower commission with their selling agents. Reducing the amount of income your real estate agent will make can lower their marketing services provided.

Selling Scenario

  • A seller decides to do a for-sale-by-owner because they do not want to pay the commission for a real estate professional, but their neighbor, in a comparable home, does. The neighbor’s agent identifies several potential buyers within the first few hours of being on the market and receives an offer in less than a day. At the same time, the other home-owner who opted not to use an agent may have to lower their price. 

We want our sellers to make smart decisions and ones they won’t regret. With each choice are some risks to consider, and we are happy to help you navigate through them. Make an appointment today with one of our listings specialists at 307-635-0303 to get started on selling your home.

Listen in the video below as RE/MAX Capitol Properties Listing Specialist, Amber Johnson, explains a Market Analysis.


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