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Welcome Home. A simple saying with a huge meaning. Welcome. Defined as, to greet someone in an eager and friendly way. There are many ways to welcome others into your home and life, from gestures, décor and meals to words. Home. Another simple word with a huge meaning. Defined as, the place one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household. Home means something to each of us, from small, big, rural, urban, warmth to extended family.

We say welcome home to our family members, military men and women when they return from a mission deployment and as we open the door to our homes. It feels good to say the words and to those who hear the words, they provide comfort and love to both parties.

As I researched signs of welcome, I enjoyed learning about traditions that have emerged through the centuries, especially the pineapple’s history of symbolism for welcome. Did you know that the pineapple became known as a symbol of welcome in the 16th century? The original idea of this fruit was superiority, very few people in Europe could afford this delicacy, other than royalty. The pineapple later became a symbol of hospitality in southern states. According to an article on, George Washington, wrote in his diary that “none pleases his tastes more” than the pineapple.

Some symbolism that goes along with the home is the mother’s womb. It’s associated with an enclosed and protected space. In fact, it is the first place in each person’s life, and serves as shelter and protection from the outside world.

Welcome and home, comfort and love go hand-in-hand in our business. These characteristics make for a warm welcome that supports any relationship with the RE/MAX family. Whether this warm welcome is simply a stop into the office to grab a cup of coffee with an agent, a meeting in one of our pods, or coming into an open house, the main idea is always “welcome home.”

This fun exercise reminded me how fortunate we are to be in the business of welcoming people home every day as they achieve homeownership and grow their personal wealth through real estate. The image of a man carrying his wife across the front door step of their first home, a child running out the front door to his father or mother when returning from a military deployment or a baby rocking in a cradle fills me with love. We each have our own images and stories in our minds for welcome and home that create feelings. I’d love to hear yours.

At RE/MAX Capitol Properties we have a tradition of welcoming people into our brokerage and community. Steve and I appreciate the open arm welcome we have always received from our community and wish to extend the same to others. We welcome our real estate agents and their clients each day.

So, the next time you say, WELCOME HOME, to someone, remember you aren’t just uttering meaningless words, you are extending an eager greeting, offering protection and shelter from the outside world.

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