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Welcome Hailey Riedel to RE/MAX!

Hailey Riedel RE/MAX Capitol Properties


Hailey Riedel was born and raised in Wyoming, and her love for the outdoors and Wyoming provides an opportunity to engage in many adventures.

She grew up in Cheyenne playing soccer, riding horses, and hiking Curt Gowdy State Park almost every weekend. Hailey’s adventures led her to attend college in Laramie where she was able to hone her writing and editing skills. She graduated with an English degree and a minor in Professional Writing from the University of Wyoming in December 2018. Hailey has since used that degree to help small businesses with their marketing and advertising throughout Wyoming and Colorado. When she first thought of becoming a real estate agent, she wanted to be someone who gives others the opportunity to find a community; one who gives them the same opportunities that she had growing up. She truly enjoys the interactions between agents, homeowners, and potential buyers. Real estate is more than just a transaction, it is developing a relationship with customers and clients that will last a lifetime.

I recently asked Hailey a few questions to get to know her better! I think her story about her funniest thing in real estate was hilarious and so easy to visualize!

What’s your favorite activity to do when you are home during this time; cooking, reading, cleaning or gardening? Why?
I love to cook! 95% of the TV shows I watch have to do with cooking or baking. I am usually the one who fires up the grill to cook dinner. My family says I make the best guacamole! The thing I love most about cooking is being able to provide a wonderful meal for family and friends. It’s all about sharing the love!
What’s your favorite restaurant in Cheyenne?
My favorite restaurant would have to be Wasabi. They make some delicious food and the sushi is amazing!
You describe yourself as a grammar lunatic, so you’re obviously good with details. How will that help your real estate clients?
Honestly, I think paying attention to all the details of a real estate transaction is very important. I would want to make sure everything is accurate and that the information gathered is passed along correctly. Focusing on the details and staying organized will help me best serve my clients on a daily basis.
What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen in your real estate career so far?
One time during a showing, the clients wanted to look at the shop out back behind the house but didn’t want to take their baby outside. I volunteered to watch the little guy for them. The baby and I stared at each other for ten minutes and neither of us made a sound, nor did we break eye contact. As the parents came back inside, both the baby and I started giggling and couldn’t stop. We really connected with each other that day!

Hailey’s goal is to help you on a more personal level when you are looking to buy or sell, and she would love to be a professional resource for you. She looks forward to giving a helping hand in one of the most important decisions you will make in life. Hailey will give her best to help you find a home, a community, and a place to live life to the fullest here in Wyoming! Give her a call at 307-630-0784!

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