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Welcome Alex Riedel!

Energetic, driven, and loyal are the characteristics that define Alex Riedel.

He is an ambitious realtor who is willing to give everything he has to serve his clients best. With access to an arsenal of highly trained teammates, Alex has been prepared and molded, resulting in the agent we know today. He has gained the skills necessary to execute successful real estate transactions. He will strive for each client to be confident in their decisions because he believes the client’s satisfaction in the real estate process is critical. Born and raised in Cheyenne, Alex has a unique love of “Wyoming” life.

Recently I had an opportunity to ask Alex some questions about why he chose real estate and why he’ll be a great agent for those he is able to serve.

How did you choose real estate as a career at such a young age?

  • I chose real estate cause I was sincerely feeling lost in life; I had no direction, not a clue of what major I wanted to be, and certainly no way of accomplishing any of the life goals I had set. I was tired of paying for education and thought to myself freshman year of college; there has to be something else I can do! Around that same time, Tania, my mom, started talking to me about possibly becoming an agent, and then you guys came into the equation. I got a lot more amped about the possibility of creating a team and joining you guys at RE/MAX Capitol Properties. So I chose RE/MAX and real estate because; I am young and have a lot of the time I would’ve been in college to learn the trade and the business and I have amazing people in the office I can learn from and look up to.

What’s been the best thing you have seen in showing homes so far?

  • I’ve enjoyed seeing all the unique properties in Cheyenne that each has a unique past and story to them. I also love seeing how people get so excited when they see a home they love, and then their wheels start turning, and the imagination factor plays in, and they start thinking of all the awesome things they would want to do to the house.

I hear you are quite the football player! How do you see the character you need as a football player, making you a better REALTOR?

  • I played football for a long time and loved it! It taught me so many lessons that I can apply from the sport to my daily life- things like drive, dedication, patience, bonds and friendships, teamwork, and a whole lot of grit. I was never the most significant player on the team, but what football taught me and I have yet to apply it to real estate cause I don’t know-how, however, but I’ll have to figure it out as always the hardest worker the room. Although I was a scrapper during my freshman and sophomore year, I was small, tiny. I had to either choose to remain small or become a better version of myself to prove to myself I can be better and the team. Hence, I decided to change; the weight room was my home every day after school, even in the offseason. By the time football rolled around the next year, I had gained 40lbs of muscle and earned the respect of the coaches and the team. As a result, I became who I was meant to be and a much more tremendous asset to the team. So if I can figure out how to have that same mentality and be myself, instead of being so incredibly nervous and awkward when talking to people, I think it will serve me well.

Let him share his expertise in outdoor activities, his love of physical fitness, and competitive drive to find the perfect Wyoming community and home for you! Give him a call at 307-630-5643 to get started today! Alex is part of the Riedel Real Estate at RE/MAX Team. Check out their Facebook page HERE.

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