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We Love the Market

One of the best parts of our job as real estate professionals is our role in the overall marketplace.

While our work drives the market and plays a large part in the performance of the market, we also have to have a birdseye view. The broader lens enables us to do our jobs successfully because we provide additional context to our clients that are not written down on a list of offerings via an online post with a listing. To perform our job successfully, we have to know what real estate developments are on the horizon or understand the reputations of builders and developers in the real estate industry.

We have to have a strong knowledge of where the market pricing will be trending and how this will impact our clients, whether buyers or sellers. Our overall goal is to have a firm awareness of the marketplace to successfully navigate each transaction and help guide our clients through the decision-making needed to get to the closing table. A family located in Cheyenne may want to know where the newest schools are because they will soon have a kindergarten entering K-12. Or, a healthcare professional may want to be within walking distance of their work and get groceries. These parameters then could be impacted if there is any upcoming construction on the horizon for a new shopping complex or a new school, for example. To stay informed on these sorts of upcoming events, our agents are engaged in various civic organizations throughout the community. This helps them stay in the loop and build relationships with multiple professionals beyond peers in the real estate industry.

Our agents also stay informed by communicating with local policymakers and administrations. For example, they monitor City Council happenings and are aware of the items being permitted, etc. They do this on the county and state levels as well. This is in addition to staying in the loop with local business entities. Businesses are constantly making shifts in the community throughout the marketplace, and agents have to keep aware of this movement. There is so much to keep track of to have a good grasp on the market, but it is fun to do. Our agents love this part of their profession, and it helps them serve their clients at an optimal level!

Do you want to learn more about the current real estate marketplace and how this information may influence your real estate journey? Give us a call or visit us! We can pair you with a real estate professional to get you rolling.

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