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We Love A Speedy Market

Right now, the real estate market is moving at an unbelievably fast pace.

Due to the low inventory and the high demand of buyers, real estate agents have to be super speedy in their communications to get a property under contract when representing buyers. It is a stressful real estate market because every single buyer has to know exactly what they want to act fast on the homes currently listed and as any new homes for sale hit the live market. In addition, real estate professionals have to be good at getting the buyers set up for success to respond to viable properties quickly. The market is moving so fast that many homes are receiving offers unseen, which has been unheard of for the most part until recently.

In fact, this market reminds us of speed skating. Considering the Winter Olympics, it is easy to relate our circumstances to this top of mind. These skaters prepare unique methods and determine how they plan to race in advance. They even have to be outfitted with the right gear, so all they have to be focusing on is the race. An example of this is how they are dressed. They wear lycra uniforms because they are more aerodynamic, and from head to toe, they consider how this impacts their speed. Our agents have to do the same thing right now. Before they can even work in the market, they have to communicate with their buyers thoroughly to develop a game plan. Without this, agents representing buyers will have trouble with taking quick action once an offer is set into motion.

This is another reason why we love what we do in real estate. We have to creatively think through how we will approach the marketplace to reach our clients’ goals. No situation is ever the same! Plus, fast markets can be a lot of fun. It gets the heart rate pumping, and we are always curious about who will win the race!

Are you a buyer interested in buying a home in the coming months? Or a seller ready to jump in? Give us a call because we are ready to race to the finish line for you.

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