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WARNING: Don’t move here… Whatever you do!

Why Cheyenne RE/MAX Capitol Properties

Hey, we know we are Realtors and should want you to move here but really, we need to be honest.

We don’t want you to move here at all. There is an epidemic… really! It is true. Here is the the deal:


Cheyenne and Laramie County just has too much fresh air! I mean with the level oxygen that could go to your brain to fuel creative thoughts and provide clarity in thinking is dangerous. So it is best if you just don’t move here.


The extra space makes everyone all too friendly and nice. The hold doors open for you, they will say hello to you and want to engage in a conversation. They will even help want to chat it up with you and you may even be invited to a party upon the conclusion.


We are not kidding! The folks here frequent local breweries and there are so many craft beer retailers now, we think that Cheyenne picked their poison and this is what has to be causing the epidemic. So if you spot someone in Danielsmark Brewery, just know to approach everyone with a smile.


We hear all the time that folks would love to enjoy more traffic and have the crazy commutes that go along with Denver, D.C., Chicago and many other communities. Well, that traffic just isn’t in Cheyenne. This is so disappointing, we know! So again, don’t come if traffic is one of your MUST NEEDED items.

So again, best you just stay where you are because we really just want you to be up front with you and not disappointed!

Okay, now if you are one of those folks who thinks this is crazy, well call us! We are happy to assist your move. We are SOLD on Cheyenne and look forward to getting to know you and your family.

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