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Understanding Inspections Made Easy

Inspections made easy.

When you think about an inspector, it can feel intense.

Inspector “gadget” comes to mind. While he has on a tan trench coat and he has a variety of inventive items to assess a situation; a home inspector brings into your transaction an objective perspective of an expert when it comes to home inspections. The scheduled inspections can range from structural to electrical, and buyers hire those trained in their respective fields to assess the state of the home or property. When a buyer’s agent creates the offer, they request inspections the buyer would like to perform before confirming the sale.

If there are hidden expenses or unforeseen expenses associated with repairs or updates, you can adjust your offer or even back out of the real estate transaction if necessary. For example, assessing a foundation can be challenging to an untrained eye, and a crack may seem scary but not critical, depending on the structure. Or, there may be areas of concern regarding water and deterioration. This can all be looked at by a professional. Once an offer is accepted, the buyer’s agent will schedule the necessary inspections to proceed with the transaction.

Based on the findings of the house inspections, the buyer’s agent will work with the buyer on the next steps. It could be proceeding as-is, or it could be performing further negotiations. If further negotiations begin, the real estate professional will help the buyer navigate the necessary paperwork to propose revisions to the offer. If additional repairs or concerns are determined and requested at the seller’s expense, then the real estate agent will work to make sure those corrections are performed before the final closing. Sometimes, the seller would instead reduce their sales price to give more to the buyer to cover those expenses. However, it varies. Therefore, communication is a crucial part of the process. Finding an agent you can trust and who will support your goals throughout will be significant to your homeownership success. We are proud to say that RE/MAX agents were again voted the #1 most trusted real estate agents by BrandSpark, so when the time comes that you need a Cheyenne Realtor you can be confident when you call us.

Jason West, Cheyenne Realtor with RE/MAX Capitol Properties shared his experience with home inspections in the video linked below. Watch it and then call Jason with any questions you have and when you need a Realtor in Cheyenne WY! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for real estate education, homes for sale and entertainment.

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