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Transparent Sellers Pays Dividends

Real Estate for Sale in Cheyenne WY

Buyers notice roof leaks. They also see the stained carpet, broken doorknobs, and damaged flooring.

Buyers and Buyer Agents are looking at your home with a critical eye because they want to make sure the house is well-suited for their lifestyle and budget. If a significant problem with your home comes up during the inspections, it can delay your closing date and even result in termination of the contract. A way to get in front of this is to pay for inspections before selling your home and then making the necessary updates to get the best value. If you decide not to make the necessary repairs, you can consult your agent to price it accordingly if the repairs have added value or those will be considered the cost of homeownership and won’t effect the list price, but should improve the ease of your transaction. You can share with the buyer the inspections and repairs completed, but this does not ensure that the buyers won’t also request their own inspections.

Being transparent with your buyers and honest about your home state can help them feel more comfortable with the home buying process and be more flexible when accommodating different requests during the transaction period. Additionally, the extra step of getting an initial inspection in advance of selling your home, shows buyers you are serious about selling your home for the best possible value and in a state of condition that is fair.

When marketing your home with photos and videos, it is important to show it as-is. Capturing these photos once repairs and staging are complete is best. Upon a home showing, you want buyers to know they see the same home. In a world of editing, and photo filters, buyers are natural skeptics. Provide them no room for doubt by being transparent with your home condition and taking the extra step to be proactive.

Real estate professionals can help identify areas of improvement and concern. If you consult them before listing your home, you can take the necessary steps to be ready for the market. You can also give your agent more time to get acquainted with your home, so they can adequately communicate its features and amenities to potential buyers. 

Contact us today and find the right RE/MAX Capitol Properties real estate professional for you. They are ready to help you sell, and plan your next move, and we have a listing program you will love!

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