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Tonya Harding your way to success!

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With the recent movie, “I, Tonya” and with the Winter Olympics around the corner, the name Tonya Harding has surfaced once again.

While it was a horrible thing that happened to Nancy Kerringan, the positive in all of it was that the two women brought a new light and new interest to figure skating. So today’s feature is sharing with you how you can “Tonya Harding” your way to success when selling your home.

  1. Buddy System- The first step is to find the right agent for you. You want someone in the bleachers cheering for you, supporting you and wanting the sale just as badly as you! Why? Because, we want people to be on our side.

  2. Whatever it takes attitude- While we don’t recommend that anyone perform a crime to get a sale, we recommend you work hard like an athlete. They condition, prepare for all scenarios, and they are always watching the competition to determine ways they can improve. Do the same thing when it comes to selling your home. Get your home prepared and ready for a sale, make the overall experience of purchasing your home a positive one and look at how others are marketing their listing to see how you can creatively adjust and adapt your methods.
  3. Care about the win– You have to focus in on your goals and care about them. That means that no matter the rocky ground you may be stepping on you are not going to change directions and go back, but you are going to champion through because you care about the win. Let your passion for your goal shine! Why? It is contagious. If you want it, then others will start to want it for you.

During this Winter Olympics season, we recommend you channel your inner Tonya and Nancy. Get the best results because you deserve only the best. Contact us at RE/MAX Capitol Properties because we are all about the buddy system. When you work with one of our Agents you have a team of realtors and industry experts supporting you! Connect with a buddy today, (307) 635-0303.

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