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Tips to Help Sell Your House This Spring

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Six Ways To Help Your Home Sell This Spring

Most real estate agents agree: spring is the busiest home buying season. By May, most families have done their research, have visited open houses, and are ready to get serious about buying a home. When they do, they look at a variety of smaller but critical factors that can put your home at the top of their favorites list.

  • Fix minor issues. There’s no such thing as a “perfect home,” and buyers will notice every little flaw. Find and fix whatever you can before putting your home on the market. If you don’t, buyers could get distracted by a few minor imperfections and look over the many positive features and amenities your home offers.
  • Declutter. Take your spring cleaning to a whole new level by removing clothing, wedding photos, and other decorations that make your home look claimed. Also, consider renting a storage facility for a few months to store your books, movies, collectibles, and bulky furniture. Ideally, your home should look and feel like a showroom by the time you list.
  • Update your landscaping. Winter isn’t always kind to your yard, and it can take a while for the warmer weather to put things back to green. Help things along by investing in landscaping. A little fresh mulch can go a long way.
  • Add more light. We’ve got longer days now than we did a month ago, but it’ll still be some time before you can really rely on natural lighting to make your home look great. Compensate for potential darkness by adding brighter bulbs or extra lamps in your home, and remember to leave the lights on when you have a showing.
  • Clean the window. Just because the natural lighting is minimal doesn’t mean it’s not worth capitalizing on. Make sure your windows are spotless to allow as much light as possible in. Clean windows also help create a positive first impression and show that you take good care of your home.

Don’t drag in mud. Spring is the rainy season. Prepare for mud before it hits your pristine floors with heavy duty floor mats inside and outside each door.


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