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Tips for Relocating Elderly Parents


We all experience various chapters in our life, and one that is pivotal is when you begin having to help care for your elderly parents.

Whether your elderly parent decided to downsize or needs a specific home layout to meet their lifestyle, like a single-level home, RE/MAX Capitol Properties agents have the experience to assist. The best thing you can do for them is to be calm and assist them in this transition. Also, by finding the right real estate agent, you can make sure the navigation of the real estate process goes smoothly.

The first thing to do is have an open and honest conversation with your parents about what they need in their next home. Starting with dialogue can also help you identify the right real estate agent to help with the process. You need to identify your parent’s motive for moving. It could be related to financial needs, lifestyle changes, or even medical. For example, often, the elderly sell their homes to get enough money to pay for their care or qualify for medicare. If you are relocating both parents, they may disagree on their next steps. So, helping them navigate these decisions in advance to find agreement, the better. Another variable would be that both your parents require different levels of care. A conversation will help you identify the entire landscape to assist you in finding the right real estate professional who will help you determine what you need to see! Be thoughtful during this conversation because it can set the tone for the whole real estate journey.

Next, before consulting a real estate agent, we recommend using information from your conversation to research housing options based on the level of care for your parent(s). Determine the costs involved and how to pay for them. The next thing would be to inform your parents of the options you determined, and the research will assist you in supplying informed answers.

If you can identify when these conversations need to occur before it is imperative due to emergencies, the better! You will want to give your parent and yourself time to determine the best path forward if possible. Even developing a plan before it becomes a need would be ideal. Then once they get to that point in their life, you all have a plan to take action. By giving yourself time, you can empower your parent and make them feel like they are a part of the process, rather than just happening to them (a frequent feeling among the elderly).

When you have these conversations, make sure you are planning the healthcare needs. Check to see the access to medical personnel and doctors and reconcile it to their insurance coverage, especially if in-network is required. Also, think about the distance of their home to a pharmacy too.

After these conversations and research, you can select an agent. Begin the process by looking for the best home for their relocation and check as many boxes as possible. An agent can then keep an eye out and try to find the best match over time and not be rushed to use the inventory in front of them, but future listings too. Tell your agent your must-haves versus your would-like-to-have if you cannot have the conversations in advance and must move quickly. By prioritizing what is most important, it can assist in vetting homes for sale. If selling their home is the best decision, then you can trust the experience, guidance and patience of our RE/MAX Capitol Properties agents to lead you through the steps and suggestions.

Want to learn more? One of our agents has two designations specializing in relocating elderly parents. Mark Pruett would be a great person to consult and learn more.

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