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Tips for Post Holiday Clean Up

There are a lot of things to love about the holidays. Packing everything away at the end of the season doesn’t usually make the list.

However, with a little preplanning, this painstaking task doesn’t have to be one that you dread. Here are some post-holiday tips to help you pack away the holidays with ease and ensure an easier setup next year.

Invest in storage bins.

Cardboard boxes are great for a year or two, but tend to deteriorate fairly quickly, especially if they’re stored in the attic or garage most of the year. Instead, get some storage bins for your holiday lights, extension cords, and decorations. Make sure they stack well, and consider the benefits of using clear bins so you can see what’s inside each one.

Wrap Up Cords

Extension cords are lifesavers when it comes to holiday decorating. However, they can be a pain to put away. One wrong move and your extension cords can become a tangled, exasperating mess. Check out some extension cord wrapping techniques that will help you easily roll out your cords next year!

Test and Label Lights

If you have a lot of holiday lights, you can save time each year by labeling where each strand goes during cleanup. Add a bit of masking tape to each strand marking whether those particular lights go in the bushes, on the roof, or on the mailbox so you don’t have to unravel them to figure out which lights go where during next year’s setup.

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