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Tips for Moving Elderly Parents

Now that you have decided to relocate your parents, we have some tips to help you move them.

First, you will want to prepare for the move so that it isn’t overwhelming. When moving elderly parents you are dealing with decades of belongings and family mementos. So, we recommend that you start with getting organized and knowing what items you are planning to keep, donate or sell. Another possibility is they are selling their home but moving in with you! By getting organized, you can make sure to control what is necessary but not duplicating. If items are super important, but there won’t be enough space, consider giving them to other family members and friends; they can be very thoughtful gifts. Also, if it is family items that you plan to get rid of, make sure each person in your family has a voice, especially your parent! If they don’t want to get rid of certain items, you can consider putting them in storage. Or, if you have a large number of things to sell, we recommend considering an estate sale or even a consignment business.

Packing can be a big part of the process if your parent is not able to contribute. We recommend hiring a qualified mover who will pack your items properly if this is the case and if your family does plan to keep a variety of valuables. Make sure to look at reviews and ask for references before hiring the movers. This way, you can be fully confident in your selection. However, if you elect not to go with a mover, packing it yourself may be a great choice because you know the importance of the items.

Next, you will want to plan travel arrangements for moving day, especially if your parent needs additional assistance. If you selected a mover, they would be able to handle the transport of the items. However, if you are doing the moving, you will need help loading and unloading all of the boxes, furniture, and appliances. If your move requires a longer distance requiring a flight, you will have to plan to meet timelines, but you may have a difficult time if they are older. Planning will mitigate that challenge. Think about how you can get them to their new destination and make the proper accommodations to meet their health needs and comfort. Also, this move can be emotional for your loved ones, so if you can travel with them or have family or friends assisting, it may put them at ease. Lastly, once they are in their final destination staying with them or having someone stay with them for a few nights to get them comfortable is the best route. They can start to build a routine and know they have support along the way. 

Then lean into family and friends again to help with unpacking. Being surrounded by support can make the process go quickly and help again with the emotional element that is very real throughout the relocation.

Relocating a family member and elderly parent can seem daunting, but if you put their needs at the center of the effort, it will conclude for you all with peace of mind. Your parents can benefit financially from a relocation emotionally and may even receive better medical care. There are so many great reasons to make the relocation decision at the right time, and we want to assist you in making the process even easier!

Want to learn more? One of our agents has two designations specializing in relocating elderly parents. Mark Pruett would be a great person to consult and learn more. 

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