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Time is money

We want to talk to you about a highly demanded, sought out factor, time!

Time is of the essence. We have all heard this phrase, and we have learned that time is essential when working in the real estate market. Timing plays a vital part in our abilities to negotiate a great deal for our clients because it can sometimes be the one factor that helps us negotiate a more fair sales price. It may be the one factor that may hurry a decision to ensure the opportunity for a purchase. Time is critical to any real estate professional, and it can make or break a deal. 

This information is worth knowing as a client. There are nearly 200 steps in a real estate transaction that are required to get to a closing. Meaning there are many opportunities for errors if not done correctly. That is why we encourage every seller or buyer to work with an agent and to do their homework. Interview potential agents, and also make sure to look into their agency. We firmly believe in the RE/MAX family, and this foundation is what helps our agents be so successful. 

Occasionally we encounter sellers and buyers who think it can be more economical to not work with a real estate professional. We have learned that not only does a real estate agent help keep the transaction going and finished in a timely fashion, but the likelihood to be considering a variety of good deals also decreases significantly. There is credibility associated with professionals that make sellers and buyers in the market place more comfortable. This can be especially important in a marketplace that is already fast-paced and requires quick decision making. 

Work with a real estate professional and understand that time will be on your side when you do. Whether you are selling or buying, maybe even a combination, time is vital to get the best experience.

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