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The What-ifs of Life

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Too often, in the world of purchasing, we make decisions that will affect us long down the road.

Some decisions are made on the spur of the moment. This would be like getting EVERYTHING your toddler possibly wanted or asked for while in the grocery store. Yet, he or she then manages to yell or scream because the one thing you forgot was conveniently placed for their viewing pleasure in the racks by the checkout stands. In a dialogue worthy of earning the Nobel prize, you purchase the item in question for the sake of peace.

At times, a decision can be made quickly and this brings what we know as buyer’s remorse. If you had slept on your choice, you might not regret getting that new car that caught your eye. After all, you were only going out to get a coffee and 5 hours later, you are the bewildered owner of a fancy set of wheels when you already had two or three at home.

Both of these types of decisions can cause regret, but the purchase of a home should not be that way. If you are a first time home buyer keeping your emotions under control will be extremely important, the path to homeownership can be filled with highs and lows from an emotional standpoint.

Here is how to avoid buyer’s remorse in a home purchase.

1) Pick an agent who will work for you, not against you. Your agent should be the kind of person who will work just as hard for you and your home choice as they do in the search for their own home.

2) Do your homework. Research the new neighborhood. Visit during the day and after dark to determine that you can live with what you are hearing and seeing. There is nothing wrong with talking with any neighbors you see out in their garden. You may also find you have gained a new friend.

3) Plan for possible deviations that the road of life may put in your path. For example, buying a 2 bedroom home when you are already expecting or planning for another child could bring regret. You may not have enough equity in the home that would enable you to sell it and purchase something bigger. It could also be a failure to remember or think about what life will bring when your children will be in high school.

In a perfect world, there are no what-ifs to any decision that we make. However, unlike the fictitious Mary Poppins, we are not “practically perfect in every way.” We still need spoonfuls of sugar to help the medicine of our choices go down in most delightful ways.

So, when you are not sure what to say or what to do, just take a little extra time. If the item you want is really supposed to be yours, it will still be there. There is no reason to be upset over what you did not get. A different car or a different home will soon come on the market that will be better than the first choice. When tomorrow rolls around we will help you find the right home by making the right choices.

Thank you to guest blogger, Mark Escalera, for sharing his tips in this article.

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