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THE RIGHT FIT: Wine & Cheese

Have you ever walked through a museum and seen ancient depictions of parties and feasts?

Well, we have and we have always been drawn in by how early the pairing of wine and cheese was depicted. The first signs of commercialization for the pairings was in the 1600s by British Merchants. They would “buy on an apple an sell on cheese.” Wine and cheese were a combination made in the heavens according to many old philosophers. Today they share that it is because “mouthfeel” refers to the way food actually feels in your mouth. More astringent foods alternated with more of a creamy texture often creates a pleasant taste combination. The balance is what has to be right to make the pairing ideal. Centuries ago this was determined and this same type of combination has to exist in our lives today.

Moving away from flavor but assessing the principles of this pairing, astringent is an interesting use of a word. When aligning this word with the real estate experience it is applicable. At times a real estate journey can be daunting and it can feel bitter at times just like an astringent flavor. However, if counteracted with a real estate professional to help guide you and make the whole experience more smooth. That is where our RE/MAX Agents come in to play. We are here to make your life easier and to help you enjoy your wine selection. It is supposed to be a fun experience and one you will want to remember; just like the wine and cheese pairings in the party paintings in museums. That is what we deliver and are able to successfully achieve with our expertise in the real estate profession and our know-how of our local community. We are the right fit for any real estate job there is, because who doesn’t love some cheese with their wine?


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