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THE RIGHT FIT: Sweet & Sour

Sweet and sour RE/MAX Cheyenne WY

We have all had those moments when you eat a dessert and it is too sweet. Or you eat candy and it is too sour. But when combined – it is the RIGHT FIT!

It goes back to that saying, “Too much of something good is bad.” There are limitations and that is important to realize. Currently in Laramie County we are experiencing this. We are growing as a community at a fast rate and this comes with challenges. We are not able to formally provide homes for everyone wanting a home in our area. So, it is a sweet problem to have but it comes with some sour situations.

We are a Wyoming Business Advocate and National Partner of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce. Our investment provided them as an organization to dive into the housing deficit more specifically. Results showed that households that make $25,000 to $50,000 are extremely challenged with finding a home. There is not enough affordable inventory for this population. Additionally, looking at the full spectrum of demand and assessing a standard population growth, Laramie County has a 3,000 home deficit to meet current demand going from 2019-2026.

At RE/MAX Capitol Properties we want to make sure our clients are taken care of and are able to live in the home for them. That said, you can trust that we are making sure we have that perfect balance of sweet & sour, and will work to get all of this resolved. It is important to us that we provide everyone a friendly welcome to our community which includes the pairing of the right home!



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