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THE RIGHT FIT: Real Estate Pros without Cons

Pro and Cons in a real estate agent RE/MAX Cheyenne WY

Let’s face it, sometimes we make mistakes but picking the wrong real estate professional shouldn’t be one of them.

At RE/MAX Capitol Properties we want to make sure that you are outfitted with the information you need to select the best real estate professional for you! Sometimes it also requires being prepared for the worst. So… we wanted to share with you some of the “cons” to look for if you jumped into a relationship with a realtor and they appear to not be the right fit.

  1. If you are a seller, some realtors do not price the home correctly. Choosing the right price is part one of setting up a solid formula for success. In fact, this is the #1 reason a home may not sell within a proper window of time. All the marketing in the world cannot sell an overpriced home. Think about it in a smaller context. You have to have toothpaste, but would you spend $100 on a tube if there are alternatives for less than $10, probably not.
  2. Online marketing is not good. In today’s society the first stages of home shopping happens online. A good real estate professional knows this. That is why at RE/MAX Capitol Properties we invest in digital marketing to ensure that listings are receiving the exposure they deserve and are in the proper traffic channels for the information on the home to be useful. You can tell pretty quickly if a real estate professional is not good at online marketing but contact us if you need more details. We would be happy to walk you through our best practices and explain why our digital marketing is able to achieve the work that clients deserve and need.
  3. Photography looks like a selfie. If you are selling a house or even buying a house you can see what level of sophistication your real estate agent is by the look of their photos. The property photos have to be designed in a way that features the home amenities and the utility of the property, but not necessarily be a simple selfie with nominal lighting and limited angles. At RE/MAX Capitol Properties we understand the importance of professional photography, as well as graphic design to ensure a professional and quality outcome. We invest in this because it really can make or break a potential transaction.
  4. The agent is at every showing of the home. Buying a home is a big deal and it is a major life decision. The Buyer Agents are aware of this and need the room to allow for their buyers to digest the home in which they could potentially buy. Having a Seller’s Agent at every showing is not a best practice in the real estate field because it does not allow the Buyer’s agent to do their job. In real estate agents who are true professionals know that you cannot talk someone into buying a home and that is why it is important to allow for the buyers to go through their real estate journey with their chosen agent and then be a resource for that buyer’s agent when the time is right. Don’t have that overbearing real estate agent. It doesn’t do anyone any good.

These are all the first signs to help you know whether or not you found a professional as a real estate agent. At RE/MAX Capitol Properties we are with our clients every step of the way. Our marketing of properties spans far beyond the traditional open house, as it should in today’s market. We are also the agents who will be in attendance for your inspections and connect you to all the necessary resources throughout. We believe in providing a premium service and we achieve this through our regular communication with clients. Our open dialogue practice ensures that we are serving our clients to the best of our ability and it provides an avenue for feedback for continued improvement. We would be honored to be your selected real estate professional and encourage you to take a moment to learn all about our amazing REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS at RE/MAX Capitol Properties!


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