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THE RIGHT FIT: Pumpkin Pies & Whipped Cream

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Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the family loved holiday without Pumpkin Pie!

Generally the pie is flavored with nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and ginger. But the best part, is it is topped with whipped cream. Pumpkin pie originated in Ancient Greece. Pumpkins were called Pepon and later were adopted by the French and English. It evolved into a must have holiday dessert. It wasn’t until the recipe for the dessert was published in a French Cookbook that it started to flourish. This was back in the 17th Century, 1653 to be exact.

What makes the Pumpkin Pie we know today such a beloved dessert is the crust. In fact, this wasn’t shown on record until Amelia Simmon’s cookbook, written 100 years later. Today, we continue to cook the pie in the baked crust stylized by Simmon’s recipe. The colorful history of the dessert makes it a fun one to admire during this time of year.

The modern Pumpkin Pie is blanketed by whipped cream and this wasn’t adopted as a staple until the invention of Whipped Cream. It didn’t enter the market place until the 1930’s. The contrasting pie with the fresh fluffy whipped cream makes the combination one you cannot say “no” to.

What we want to share with you about Pumpkin Pie and Whipped Cream that we love at RE/MAX is that while the dessert has a strong, authentic history, it is open to new ideas to continue to innovate. We have this mentality too. While we have our foundation of values at RE/MAX, we are the most innovative, creative and sought-out agencies. That is because we don’t believe in being complacent. It is important to us to always think of how we can improve and take risks to do so. Who knows, perhaps they will stick like Pumpkin Pie & Whipped Cream.

Thank you to our RE/MAX real estate agents for showing their pie and whipped cream preferences; Tammy Facemire, Davin Abbott, Dominic Valdez and Tyler Walton! Please think RE/MAX when you have real estate goals, questions and needs. We are here for you every day of the year! Connect with a RE/MAX REALTOR today at 307-635-0303 or

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