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THE RIGHT FIT: Police Officers Deserve Donuts

cops and Donuts Brett Janzen Amber Johnson RE/MAX Cheyenne WY

The donut loving police officer is more than a stereotype!

Actually the truth is that this stereotype was established because for a long time police offers have worked long and odd hours in order to serve and protect their communities. The options for food in these stranger hours were often gas stations or diners which would have warm coffee, the perfect caffeine, as well a delicious donuts. This lifestyle can be dated back to World War II. It is a link that has been embraced over the years and for a fun reason.

At RE/MAX Capitol Properties we look at this as a fantastic tradition which actually signifies a hard working professional who will go to extreme lengths to do their job right. This is how we approach our work. We are working to serve our clients and we take our job seriously. If meeting your needs requires us to get up early or stay up late, we are ready to do the work because we know what it takes, but we also know what you deserve.

We believe you deserve the best! Thank you to RE/MAX real estate agents Amber Johnson and Brett Janzen, who is also a former Colorado police officer, for delivering donuts to Cheyenne’s hard working officers!

PS Cheyenne real estate questions? We have the answers and patience to walk you through each and every step of the home buying and home selling processes. Our goal is to help you have a positive real estate experience! Connect with us today at 307-635-0303 or visit to schedule an appointment with a realtor!


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