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THE RIGHT FIT: Opposites Attract

There is a reason opposites attract.

It is just like they have colors on the color wheel that are complimentary or a better example, Woody & Buzz in Toys Story (we had to throw that in there). The intention is that the opposite person is able to be stronger where you are weak for example. Going back to the Toy Story example, Woody is the brains and Buzz is the brawn. And the combination or duo is what allows us to reach, “To infinity & beyond!”

Magnets have booth a North and a South pole. For example; placing the North pole of the magnet near the South pole of another magnet an attraction will occur. However if you have two of the same magnets they will repel. We are not intended to be great at everything we set our minds to as humans but we are to be wise enough to know who that complimentary opposite is that’s missing to really excel.

At RE/MAX Capitol Properties, we get this! We know that we won’t be a fit for everyone when it comes to helping
them with their real estate needs but for the clients we are right for we work hard at being strong real estate professionals for you. We want to have a tight bond with our clients because that helps us to thoroughly identify ways we can best serve you. Next time you go to hire an employee or perhaps add a new friend to your group, consider the qualities you are weak in and find someone who can be the strength in those areas and see how it treats you! Or better yet, if you are not 100% confident in your real estate needs and are looking to buy or sell your house, give us a call and we will connect you with your ideal Realtor to get the job done!

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