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THE RIGHT FIT: Mac & Cheese… A Classic

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Fun fact for you all, Mac & Cheese was founded in 1937 and if you just flip the three and the seven, you get 1973, which is the year that RE/MAX was founded, 1973.

Why is this significant? Because, Mac & Cheese isn’t going anywhere. It is a household staple and even one of the first things folks learn to cook (especially the boxed kind). At this point it is a right of passage and that is the same for RE/MAX Capitol Properties. We are here to stay. A classic in the real estate profession at this point, but was actually a really innovative idea when it first emerged; just like Mac & Cheese.

We might be making this parallel because the weather has been cold and Mac & Cheese sounds amazing but in reality we are bringing it up because it is true. It wasn’t until macaroni was mixed with cheese that the noodle was an in-demand favorite. The cheese elevated the whole meal! The founder of RE/MAX built a new structure merging two ideas that later transformed the real estate industry forever.

The History of RE/MAX: “It all began as a dream and a plan on a pad of paper. Dave Liniger had a controversial idea to build a real estate powerhouse where experienced, productive agents would keep more of their commissions and enjoy the freedom to run their business as they saw fit. Liniger had experienced the maximum-commission model and realized it would appeal to full-time, serious professionals who would rather contribute collectively to office expenses than settle for a traditional commission split. Combining the model with robust marketing and other agent services for the first time was revolutionary genius, and it absolutely changed the real estate landscape forever.”

We were founded on the principles that we can always be better. There is no singular path forward but the opportunity to be able to craft solutions for real results. At RE/MAX Capitol Properties we are the pioneers of our time, and we love that aspect of our jobs. In the 30’s it was Mac & Cheese, 40’s it was a jukebox, 50’s was the first non-stick pan, 60’s was fondue and 70’s was RE/MAX! Each day and week something new comes along and at RE/MAX we have the culture to embrace change and to make sure we are prepared at all times for creative thinking. That is how we can maintain our relevancy, expertise and professionalism in the industry for decades, and will continue it for decades more!


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