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    THE RIGHT FIT: Like Nashville & Country Music

    There was a time when the last thing you would associate with Nashville was Country Music, but now that is exactly what is thought of. What caused this?

    It took work. Community stakeholders noticed the country music assets the area had and realized they would ramp up these amenities as their core competencies. We like this example because this is why we also know what we do is so valuable. We help our clients submerge themselves into their real estate journey so they know exactly what they are getting into. Not every community has a clear identity like “Nashville.” So at RE/MAX we take our jobs seriously in telling that story and help marry our clients with the ideal home. It is like “Music to our Ears” to be asked to show clients around!

    So please, let us know what we can do and definitely let us know if you want a tour, because that is our jam! Let’s take the necessary steps together to get you into the right fit home for you and your family!

    Cheyenne WY Properties

    PS Thank you to our model, RE/MAX Capitol Properties real estate agent, Jason West for his fun Garth Brooks impersonation for our social media post! Did you know that Cheyenne has its own beaches in Lions Park!? When you are ready to move to Cheyenne give us a call at 307-635-0303 or visit to connect with a RE/MAX agent! We will guide you through all things Cheyenne real estate!

    Cheyenne has beaches too!

    Country music is often paired with Nashville, but we think Cheyenne gives them a run for their money! We love ourselves some Garth Brooks, almost as much as we at RE/MAX love Cheyenne!Jason West found his right fit on the beaches of Cheyenne in Lions Park!

    Posted by REMAX Capitol Properties Cheyenne WY on Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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