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THE RIGHT FIT: Grinch with a Heart

The Grinch is an iconic Christmas villain who couldn’t fight off the spirit of Christmas!

You see the Grinch trying to fight off the wonderful warm and loving season of Christmas, but he just cannot take it any longer, suddenly his heart grows by three times and the “Grinch” becomes a beloved Christmas icon that reminds us all of just how powerful the “Spirit of Christmas” is. Cindy is Lou Who was determined to incorporate The Grinch in the festive activities of Who-ville. She helps him navigate the holiday season and gives him permission to feel the love of Christmas.

We love this story! The reason why we love the Grinch is because it is all about being open minded and when it is “THE RIGHT FIT” you just know. In this story, when The Grinch knew that the “Spirit of Christmas” was the right fit, his heart grew three sizes! At RE/MAX Capitol Properties we want to give our clients that same feeling when they find the right home. We want them to be willing to look around and take into consideration all the important elements of home ownership, but then also be mindful of when they have the feeling of “a right fit.”

Christmas isn’t about the gifts but it is about the spirit! And your next home purchase isn’t about all the bells and whistles but it too is about the feeling! You want to find the house that you can call “home.”

Find your Right Fit with a Cheyenne REALTOR at RE/MAX. We are here to provide you with the best real estate experience possible. Connect with us today at 307-635-0303 or visit us online. Merry Christmas!

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