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THE RIGHT FIT: Georgia & Peaches

Being a “Georgia Peach” is a way of life!

Have you ever heard about Georgia Peaches? We have.  All we hear is great things! How do you have anything bad to say about a Georgia Peach? You cannot say a single thing that is bad because they are good and when they are in season, they are REALLY good. Plus, they are a staple in any Georgia recipe because it is widely appreciated. What you may not know is that peach farming didn’t happen until after the Civil War. The State of Georgia was trying to find an alternative to cotton.

The fact that the State stepped forward to find another rooted commodity it could supply while capitalizing on its assets, is super innovative. We appreciate this about the the Georgia Peach pairing. In fact, we at RE/MAX Capitol Properties believe it is important to know what you need as a buyer and a seller, set those expectations up from the start. This then helps to make finding the right match significantly easier! When you have a goal set for your real estate transaction, it can really help to streamline the process and our Real Estate Agents are exceptional at navigating this.

Life is a peach with these three RE/MAX agents around; thank you to Dominic Valdez, Janelle Parrish and Daniel Rodriquez! Connect today to get started on the steps it’ll take you to be in your new home for the holidays, 307-635-0303 or visit


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