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THE RIGHT FIT: Bread & Butter

bread and butter RE/MAX Cheyenne WY blog

The most solid marriage is that of bread and butter.

The first recorded “bread & butter” combo was in 1942. The divine partnership has so many different renditions. Butter was first spread on to bread because castles were large and had many steps between the kitchen and main dining rooms. In result, bread would be dropped on the way up. To be able to note which breads were dropped in transport, a churned cream was spread across the top of the bread to capture anything off the floor. This way folks would know which were dropped. In result, if the butter was deemed vacant of any filth, they would be eaten as is and “bread and butter” became an in-demand tea time must. So, the combination was established originally to protect those dining from eating something they shouldn’t. It was a safety measure, turned “everyday” favorite.

RE/MAX did something similar. The founders wanted to empower the agents and wanted to also protect them from the industry swallowing up all the wealth. RE/MAX restructured the real estate agency structure by supplying the agents a commission for their production and then having each pay in to a pot for shared services. This structure was never heard of before RE/MAX but now is a real estate favorite structure because it works. It was actually done though to protect the agents and provide them a real career that would be lasting. In result, RE/MAX is the largest agency in the world and we are able to have the happiest and most qualified agents serving clients. At RE/MAX Capitol Properties, we firmly believe that our agents are our family and it is our job to take care of them. We believe in the RE/MAX brand and culture. We believe in our agents and we most certainly believe in having a strong marriage between agency and agents for many years to come! Just like…bread and butter.

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