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The Reason for this Season

Tis’ the season to be grateful and give back to our community, which we love dearly! 

We do this in a variety of ways. From volunteering for organizations, we are passionate about donating to causes that make this year special. It is so rewarding to give back, which has inspired us to continue another RE/MAX Capitol Properties tradition, Merry Mondays.

If you are new to Merry Mondays, let us share!

  • Follow Homeee, the elf, around Cheyenne by liking our Facebook and Instagram.
  • Look for posts sharing where Homeee is hanging out to be entered to win. 
  • Read our prompts and share a little about yourself. 
  • Then heart the post, and share. 
  • You will then be entered to win, $200.
  • Enter weekly and increase your chances of winning!

Starting November 21st through January 9th, we will spotlight a business with help from our spunky elf, Homeee. She brings all the cozy joyful feels that come with this magical time of year. Here holiday spirit is contagious, and you won’t want to miss out on the fun.

A Reason for this Season:

Merry Mondays are the best and are oh, so fun!

Throughout the months, Homeee, the elf, works a ton

Leading up to this particular time of year

Homeee finds featured gifts to spread holiday cheer

Whether Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter

She knows which businesses are worth an enter

Ten months out of the year, Homee is investigating

Watching over Cheyenne and happily awaiting 

A season of family time doing puzzles, games, and more

So many fun happenings, less outdoor and much indoor

Rolling down an alley has a few different meanings

When paired with strikes and spares, its playing

A beloved sport that would make a great gift

Any age enjoys it because the shoes make you swift.

Where is Homeee?

Remember, go to our social media and take a look to see some images and prompts. We will enter you into our drawing to win, and remember to participate weekly. Here’s a look at last year’s Merry Mondays fun!

Must be a Laramie County resident to win.

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