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The Power of Staging


If you are are looking to sell your home, then this for you.

Since it is Halloween time, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you how you can transform your home into something new. Dress your home up in a costume and in return you will receive the treat of selling your home to the right buyer. Give your home a new identity, better yet, a disguise! It can make a world of difference. Picture this, your real estate agent tells you that your neighborhood is a great area on the market for young families but as the current owners you have lived in the home for years and do not have any children left at home, what do you do next? Make the experience of viewing your home as a buyer exactly that; an experience. Cater the experience to your target market and capitalize on the true selling points of not only the home, but the area. In the next few blogs dive into understanding the true power of staging a home and learn how this can have a positive impact on buyers.

  1. Elicit Emotion
  2. In “their” shoes
  3. First impressions are lasting

At RE/MAX Capitol Properties we are here to help you sell your home. You can trust us to guide you through the process, find buyers and negotiate on your behalf along with your input. Start by finding out what your home is worth.

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