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The Power of REMAX: A Global Brand

Do you know why referrals from family and friends work?

The reason is that there is inherent trust we apply to those recommendations. That is why so many online platforms have a location for peer reviews because we will listen to those folks more than we will the actual business. That is how RE/MAX grew. Each transaction helped the real estate agency attract more business. They could use the referral network to expand and realized that this developed a demand for RE/MAX agencies throughout the world! This business strategy is what established a robust network for anyone looking to buy or sell their homes. Rather than limiting your audience to locals and nearby communities, RE/MAX Agents can share their listings and opportunities with the globe. It is fantastic to know the RE/MAX Agency began in the early 70s and has grown to be such a large brand worldwide that is the most recognized. Not only that, it is one of the most referred agencies by family and friends.

Think about the last big purchase you made? Whether it be a vehicle, appliance, furniture, or perhaps, it was a house! Did you do further research on what your friend or family member said, or did you trust them because it solidified some research you have already conducted? Often, referrals are taken at face value because folks naturally express frustration or anger before a compliment. Therefore, a referral holds a lot of underlying meaning that is valuable to consumers. Businesses that can grow through a referral-based structure will only deliver the best service like RE/MAX.

Each franchise of RE/MAX understands the high level of performance expected and only selects the best real estate associates to represent them. RE/MAX Capitol Properties is proud to be an agency that sets the bar for quality standards. Want to learn more? Give RE/MAX Capitol Properties a call or stop in for a visit! 

RE/MAX Capitol Properties

4000 Central Ave, Suite #1

Cheyenne, WY 82001

Phone: 307-635-0303

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